It is that time of year to think about putting your pond to sleep for the winter. When water temperatures reach 55 degrees you should stop feeding the fish until spring. Once you stop feeding your fish in the fall you should not give them any more food until the water temps reach above 55 degrees and that will not happen until spring.

Closing the pond down in the fall is an easy process. If you choose not to keep the water garden running all winter then you need to pull the pump out, add a supply of oxygen for the fish, clean out the biofalls and forget about it till spring.

Here at Chester Hollow we try to prolong it as long as possible. Watch the weather for extended days of freezing. Usually during the month of November is when we start shutting down our ponds.

The process consists of:

  • Pulling the pump from the skimmer (or pond)
  • Putting it in a 5 gallon bucket of water and storing it in your basement (or non freezing area) for the winter
  • Remove filter pads and/or debri net, clean and store for the winter
  • Remove any filter pads, filter media from the biofalls, clean and also store in a dry place for the winter months. That way all product will be ready for installation in the spring.

If you have fish you need to keep a hole open and supply them with oxygen. I usually do that with an aerator or pump sitting on your shelf bubbling the service of the water. A hole needs to be kept open on the surface of the pond in order for the toxic gasses to escape from the pond and supply the fish with oxygen for the winter. Even though the fish seem to be sleeping they are still producing waste that needs to escape from the pond. If you plan on going on vacation then you can add a heater to the pond in order to keep the hole open in the surface. Just remember, fish need oxygen and air exchange during the winter months.

Please contact us if you have any questions about closing your pond for the winter.

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